Travellers Against Plastic Pledge

We are excited to announce that The Grand Adventure Company has taken the Travelers Against Plastic Pledge.

As a company, we are committed to plastic reduction and have posted before about steps you can take to reduce your single-use plastic when travelling, but we have now formalised this with the TAP pledge.

Travellers Against Plastic Pledge

“I pledge to use my company to promote sustainable travel and will encourage travelers to avoid buying bottled water when they travel. In addition, I will provide our travelers the proper information they need to treat their own drinking water. I also pledge to spread the word to travelers I meet, both at home and abroad.”

What this means for us

We want to offer you the opportunity of booking your trip knowing your tour operator is committed to sustainable travel and is taking proactive steps to reduce their environmental impact.

We work with our local suppliers around the world to ensure all is being done to make a positive impact on plastic pollution. Treated or boiled water will always be made available on trek where possible and our in-country leaders are on hand to assist if you need help purifying water safely.

We provide comprehensive pre-departure information, including advice on water purification options, to allow you to best prepare and are on hand if you have any questions. See below for more information on the TAP campaign and a video of their founder talking through the different purification and filtration options.

What is the TAP Campaign?

TAP Campaign is an outreach initiative which aims to educate global travelers about the harmful impacts of plastic water bottles usage and encourage travelers to be prepared to clean their own drinking water.

Why use alternatives to disposable plastic water bottles?

The use of disposable plastic bottles while traveling is: hard on the environment, hard on the communities left with the garbage, it’s expensive, and it can often be unhealthy. No traveler wants to leave a trail of plastic water bottles behind them, but many don’t know how to avoid it.

The solution is easy:

Carry a reusable water bottle and a method to clean the water. Help avoid the waste of hundreds of millions of plastic bottles each year.


Take the pledge yourself

You can take the pledge as an individual traveller and commit to reducing your own plastic footprint.

  • I pledge to avoid buying bottled water when I travel, and instead plan to treat my own drinking water.
  • I also pledge to spread the word to travelers I meet, both at home and abroad.

Take the pledge here

Visit the Travelers Against Plastic (TAP) website here or find them on Facebook.

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