International Trekking Training Weekends

Signed up for a trekking challenge, but don’t know where to start?

Would love to climb Kilimanjaro or to Everest Base Camp, but not sure how fit you need to be or the effects of altitude?

Craving adventure, but never done anything like it before?

Then you’re in luck! Why not join us on one of our new International Trekking Training Weekends!

Based in Keswick, at the heart of the Lake District, we’ll spend the weekend in the hills introducing you to all you need to know for your next adventure!

This course acts as both an introduction to overseas trekking holidays and also a start to your preparations if you’ve already signed up to a trip. You’ll spend two days hiking through some of the best Lake District scenery, getting your legs used to what’s to come, all the while learning and sharing experiences as you go.

The courses are led by a qualified and experienced expedition leader, who will share their experience and top tips to get you ready to trek! We’ll cover what to expect on the different types of trekking itineraries – from camping to teahouses, fitness and training plans, what to wear and how to pack, as well as some inspiration and stories from past trips.

We have initial dates in March, May and June. Head over to the course page to check availability.

So whether you are considering a trekking holiday in the future or already signed up and raring to go, our International Trekking Training Weekends will help you get ready and excited about your next trekking adventure!

About Author

Before founding 'The Grand Adventure Company' James worked in a variety of different roles from planning school expeditions around the world to organising high-altitude and remote mountaineering ventures. These roles led to all sorts of adventures from travelling across Mongolia in a 'Russian Forgon' delivering tourism training to remote Mongolian nomads to visiting communities damaged by the Nepal earthquakes to assess damage and setting up community projects in the regions. James is a qualified Mountain Leader, Leave No Trace trainer and expedition leader and holds membership to the British Mountaineering Council, the Mountain Training Association and aspirant membership to the British Association of International Mountain Leaders. In 2013 James cycled solo from London to Sydney. More recently, James completed the infamous '24 hour Bob Graham Round' and can usually be found in The Lake District running and cycling up mountains.


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