Safety on our adventures

Safety is our number one priority and we take our responsibility to our staff and customers seriously. Although we cannot mitigate all the hazards involved in adventure travel we can manage them in a way to make our trips as safe as possible.

We believe in the concept of ‘Informed Consent’ – using our expertise to inform our customers of any hazards and the level of risk that will be encountered on each of our trips. We conduct rigorous risk assessments and provide ‘Significant Risk Summaries’ in our pre-trip information, this is then followed up by safety briefings by our trip leaders in-country. If you are in any way unsure about the types of hazards and the level of risk involved in any of our adventures please get in touch and we will be happy to talk you through the specifics of a given trip.

Below you will find our definitions of adventure travel and some of the steps we take to minimise risk on our trips. As well as this, you will also find information on your responsibilities as a participant.

What is Adventure Travel?


We combine the local knowledge of our in-country teams with the expertise, experience and qualifications of our travel planners to ensure our trips are not exposed to unnecessary risk. This may involve avoiding certain parts of a country, travelling in a suitable season and adhering to our safety policies in areas such as altitude and transport.

FCO Travel advice

We closely monitor the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) warnings and travel advice and will react accordingly to any advice published. Where advice changes in the run-up to a trip, this may result in us making changes or even cancelling scheduled tours in the interest of safety.

Supplier Vetting

We work with a trusted network of local suppliers we have personal experience with. All suppliers must go through our robust approval systems, whereby we check and monitor that they comply not only with local safety regulation but our higher safety standards for accommodation, transport and driving, guide qualification and trekking safety.

Risk Assessment

All of our trek routes are individually risk assessed and signed off by our experienced operations team. Members of our operations team have considerable experience of adventure travel and hold relevant technical qualifications to ensure sound decision making and appropriate control measures are put in place.

Back up and Support

All our trips have 24-hour support both in the destination you are travelling and back in the UK. So if anything changes while you are in-country you can be assured we are here to solve any issues. If you find yourself needing to evacuate back to the nearest city or medical facility we have the local knowledge and teams to assist as needed.

Prepared Participants

We offer detailed trip information to make sure all participants are signing up for appropriate trips. As well as this, we offer pre-trip advice on preparations, visas and vaccinations, fitness training, required equipment and other aspects of preparing for your adventure. Still not sure? Why not join one of our adventure preparation weekends in the Lake District before your travel?

Your Participation

All of our tours require a level of active participation that may test your physical ability and may consist of strenuous and demanding activities. It is important for the enjoyment and safety of the whole group that all group members are capable of completing the planned activities listed in the itinerary. With this in mind, you should be aware that,  the tour leader has the authority to prevent you from participating in any part of a tour should they have concerns about (a) your ability to safely partake in an activity or (b) your physical ability to complete an activity in the required timescale. In the event the leader deems such a decision is necessary, we will reasonably endeavour to make alternative arrangements, but we will not be liable to provide any refunds for missed activities and you may be liable for additional costs incurred.

You are responsible for ensuring you are aware of the nature of the associated activities, risks and physical requirements before you book. By confirming your booking you acknowledge that you have the appropriate levels of ability, fitness and good health to safely participate in the tour.

We provide detailed information on the level of challenge, what to expect day-to-day and any prerequisite fitness or skill requirements for all of our tours, this can be found in the ‘Important Information’ and ‘Trip Pages’ sections of the website. If you have any questions or concerns about the requirements of a specific tour please contact us ahead of booking and we can discuss the trip suitability.

Anyone suffering from mobility impairment, illness or disability or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition must declare the true nature of such condition at the time of booking and make arrangements for the provision of any medication or other treatment which may be required during the holiday. Failure to make such disclosure will constitute a breach of the booking conditions and result in such persons being excluded from the holiday in which case all monies paid will be forfeit. You must also promptly advise us if any medical condition or disability which may affect your active participation in your tour or the tour arrangements of any other person develops after your booking has been confirmed.

Travel Insurance

Personal travel insurance is not included in the tour price and is mandatory for all clients whilst on a tour outside of the UK organised by the Company. Clients together with their personal property including baggage are at all times solely at their own risk. Clients are wholly responsible for arranging their own personal travel insurance with protection for the full duration of the tour in respect of at least medical expenses, injury, death, repatriation, cancellation and curtailment, with adequate and appropriate cover. Clients should ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting or excluding protection for the type of activities included in their tour.
We strongly recommend taking out your travel insurance policy at the time of booking to cover the eventuality of you needing to cancel your tour.
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