The Grand Adventure Ethos is built around 3 aspects; Spirit of Adventure, Environment, and Community Welfare and Opportunity.

We aim to deliver the best itineraries from our favourite destinations in a way that provides real benefit to the communities that we visit. This must be done in a sustainable way that minimises any negative impacts on the environment.

We don’t offer 100s of itineraries, just those we know, love and can deliver without compromising our Ethos.

As part of our planning process, all of our trips must meet our high standards across a range of areas such as safety, environmental impact, community benefit, porter protection, animal welfare. We assess this through supplier vetting and auditing, on-the-ground training and assessment, monitoring from leaders and reviewing feedback from clients.

We subscribe to external standards, memberships, pledges and codes of conduct to ensure we are doing all that we can in these areas and help raise awareness of organisations helping to address these issues. See below for some of the key areas we aim to address and some of the organisations we are working towards solutions with.

Spirit of Adventure

Adventure, to us, isn’t all about danger and adrenaline but an exploration of environments and cultures, experiencing new things and undertaking rewarding challenges. This could take the form of back-country trekking across unique national parks, learning first-hand about some of the world’s most vulnerable eco-systems or undertaking a physically challenging endurance feat. We think that the mountains and remote landscapes of the world are the perfect arena in which to experience these things.

Whether you have months to undertake a long expedition or just a short break from work, all of our trips capture this spirit of adventure and give you the opportunity to explore, engage and challenge yourself. All set against an array of incredible backdrops around the world!

Once-in-a-lifetime Trips

We design our trips knowing that for most of our customers this is the one and only trip they will do to that destination. So we want to make sure you see the best of it! When planning itineraries, we aim to give you the best of the bucket-list sights, adventurous experiences, hidden gems and authentic local interactions a region has to offer.

The right trip for you

We want you to book the right trip for you. All of our trips are well documented giving a break down of what to expect. Each trip comes with a difficulty and fitness rating, as well as setting expectations around accommodation, food, route popularity and level of risk.

Learn, Challenge, Explore

All of our trips have objectives to learn about an area, issue or culture, provide a challenge to overcome and the opportunity to explore new environments.

Ultimate Adventure Series

Look out for our ‘Ultimate’ adventures. These go beyond classic itineraries to give you the ultimate adventure experience. Typically spending longer in a region, our ultimate itineraries leave no stone unturned. If you aren’t limited by time and want to have the best possible experience then an Ultimate Adventure could be for you!

Environment & Conservation

As an adventure travel company, we travel off-the-beaten-track. We venture into remote areas, trek and climb wild mountains and explore unique eco-systems and environments. We acknowledge that our very presence creates an impact and can present risk to these fragile areas. Remote and wild landscapes do not always have the infrastructure, or resilience, to survive or adapt to misuse, high visitor numbers or intentional exploitation.

We believe that for every travel product an assessment of the environmental impact of its delivery should be made and balanced against the benefit of the experience to the participants, local economy and communities it affects. This involves working with local suppliers to improve best practice, managing access with local communities or avoiding busy seasons of travel or particular routes completely.

Making decisions solely based on financial factors without accounting for environmental impacts is unsustainable and not in the interest of our company or the planet’s.

We have a responsibility to protect and conserve the areas we travel through and minimise our impact.  These are some of the steps we take:

Impact Assessment

Through making an assessment of the environmental impacts of each trip, we can identify the key considerations unique to each destination and make appropriate decisions. For example, not travelling on certain over-used routes or at particular times of year when the impact may be higher (e.g. during wet seasons).

Reduce our footprint

We work with our customers and local suppliers to minimise the direct footprint of our trips.

Partner with Green Organisation

We partner with environmental non-profit organisations and support conservation projects within each destination we operate. We also join international movements and green causes.

1% for the Planet donations

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our annual sales to help protect the environment. 1% for the Planet certifies our giving.

Travellers against plastic

We are committed to reducing single-use plastic in the travel industry, and to show our support we have taken the Travellers Against Plastic Pledge.

We work with our local suppliers to cut out single-use plastics from our itineraries, taking steps such as providing drinking water you can refill throughout itineraries.

We also provide tips, advice and kit lists to our customers to help them reduce their plastic usage.

Leave no Trace

We subscribe to the 7 principles of Leave No Trace. All staff undertake LNT training and we aim to raise awareness of these principles with our local suppliers and customers through training and documentation.

Community Welfare & Opportunity

We believe that adventure travel to developing world countries can provide opportunities for wealth distribution, local employment and a chance for travellers to learn about cultures and challenges around the world.

It is the actions of tour operators, travel agents and individual travellers that decide whether their spending, as well as their actual presence, will be a force for good or bad in a local community.

We look for sustainable tourism solutions that provide real opportunity for those in the local community to take the lead in delivering. We also take steps to reduce any negative impacts and use our position as a tour operator to champion fair working conditions, pay and international welfare standards for our local staff.

Invest in Local

Through working with small, community-focused suppliers, accommodations, guides and support teams we can ensure our tours leave a positive impact on communities and that your money goes to where it is needed most! We vet all of our suppliers against these principles and work with them closely to ensure delivery.

Porter Protection

Our porters are an important part of our trekking team and we believe in looking after them well! We aim to follow the International Porter Protection Guidelines in all our destinations, as well as ensuring fair pay and additional support.

Cruelty Free

Grand Adventures do not feature any animal shows, forced encounters or elephant rides. In destinations where work animals are used for trekking support (e.g. mules or yaks) we demand the highest animal welfare standards and promote best practice with our suppliers.

Help us keep on improving!

We welcome and encourage feedback, discussion and new ideas in relation to responsible travel and sustainable business practice.

If you would like more information on how we work, want to recommend an organisation we should be supporting, another environmental commitment you’d like to see us make or just want to suggest something we could do better please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss.

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