Our approach to the environment

Reduce our footprint

Work with our customers and local suppliers to minimise the direct footprint of our trips.

Partner with green organisations

We have partnered with environmental and conservation organisations to raise awareness of key issues in the destinations we operate. We also join campaigns and support movements.

Donate to environmental causes

We put our money where our mouth is and donate to environmental causes and conservation projects within the destinations we travel to. As members of ‘1% for the Planet’, we donate at least 1% of all sales.

Minimising our impact

We work with our customers and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our trips. To ensure this we:

Plan our itineraries to reduce environmental impact – minimising transport use and ensuring travelling at appropriate times of the year.
Audit our in-country suppliers (accommodation, transport, guides, trek support) against our own high environmental standards and only work with suppliers who share our ethos and commitment.
Provide training for local leaders and suppliers in environmental best practice. Work with them to discover best local solutions
Leave no trace travel advice, ethos and top tips included in travel documentation.
Minimise and discourage disposable plastic use throughout our itineraries (information provided in pre-departure literature and access to water ensured throughout trip)

Backing environmental campaigns

We have partnered with organisations across both the travel sector and wider spectrum to raise awareness of environmental issues and campaigns fighting issues from plastic pollution to animal welfare.

We have taken the Travelers Against Plastic Pledge and are committed to reducing plastic waste on our tours.

Donating to environmental causes

As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our annual sales to help protect the environment. 1% for the Planet certifies our giving.

In each of our destinations, we partner with local non-profit organisations who are doing conservation work in the area. We sponsor particular projects ranging from tree-planting, trail maintenance and recycling schemes. We prioritise projects as close to the areas we travel as possible and it is usually possible to visit the project associated with your adventure during your trip.

You can find out the project partner for your adventure in your trip notes and more details in your pre-departure information.

Project Partners

Read more about our project partners here.